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Kenneth B. Stream

Gresham Savage Nolan & Tilden
Chairman of the Board


Board Committees -
Executive, Nomination &
Governance, Loan


Kerry L. Pendergast

Premier Service Bank



Board Committees:
Executive, ALCO, Loan, Marketing






Robert D. Aust
Micromold, Inc.


Board Committees:
Audit, Nomination &
Corporate Governance, Technology


Donald J. Bosic, Ph.D
Children’s Therapeutic Communities


Board Committees:
Technology, Personnel &


Dr. Iheanacho Emeruwa
Aspen Medical Group


Board Committees:
Audit, Marketing, Personnel & Compensation






Robert Jaspan, M.D.
Orthopedic Medical Group
Vice-Chairman of the Board

Board Committees:
Executive, Audit, Nomination &
Corporate Governance,
Personnel & Compensation,Loan


Gerald R. Luppino

Bud’s Tire & Wheel, Inc.


Board Committees:
Executive, ALCO, Nomination &
Corporate, Governance, Marketing


Jack Wyatt
Strategic Connections, Inc.


Board Committees:
ALCO, Marketing, Technology




















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