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Account Research/Reconciliation Fee $25.00 per hour
ATM Transactions  
Transaction conducted at PSB locations No Fee
Non-Proprietary ATM withdrawals No Fee from PSB
Standard daily withdrawal limit $300.00
Card replacement $5.00
Bond Collection Fee $15.00 per destination
Check/Deposit Slip Printing Varies
Coin Deposits Exceeding $100 N/A
Domestic -Incoming/Outgoing $15.00
Foreign -Incoming/Outgoing $60.00
Counter Check 4/$1.00
Credit Rating/Written Verification of Deposit $5.00
Deposited Checks Returned  
Fax Notification $1.00
Telephone Notification $2.00
Photocopy of Check $2.00
Returned Item Fee $5.00
Escheat/Abandoned Account Notice $2.00
Foreign Checks Deposited $3.00
Interest on Overdrafts/Uncollected Items 18.00% APR
Insufficient Funds (NSF)  
Paid Checks $20.00
Checks Returned Unpaid $20.00
Legal Processing Fee $50.00

Money Market Excess Transaction Fee

$10.00 per item
(Federal regulations limit third-party or preauthorized transfers to six per month)  
Night Deposit $30.00
Bag with Key $30.00
Replacement Key $5.00
Cashier's Checks $6.00
Money Orders $4.00
Travelers Cheques $1.00/$100
Photocopy Fee for Cancelled Checks/Deposits $3.00
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fee  
3x5 $25.00
5x5 $30.00
3x10 $35.00
5x10 $45.00
10x10 $65.00
Key Replacement $10.00
Forced Opening Cost + $25.00
Statement Reprints  
Statement Only $5.00
Statement with Checks $5.00 plus $3.00 per check
Statement Held $2.00
Stop Payments  
Initial Order $15.00
Renewal $7.50
Sweep Fees  
(Assessed to the account receiving funds) $3.00
Telephone Transfer  
Operator Assisted $5.00
Automated No Charge
Third Party Blocked Account  
Set-up Fee $250.00
Monthly Maintenance $50.00
Wire Transfer  

Incoming - Domestic

Incoming - International $15.00
Outgoing - Domestic $25.00
Outgoing - International $40.00
Repetitive Wires 1/2 of Fee
Fax Notification $1.00
Telephone Notifcation $2.00
Domestic Trace $5.00
Foreign Trace $10.00


Fees applicable to all existing non-analyzed products and services.




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